SecKC’s Hacking Competition: Sponsored by Symantec, Core Impact, DEF CON, FishNet Security, and Rapid7.

What is TriKC?

Spectators of SecKC’s (pronounced ‘Sek ‘KC) TRiKC (pronounced ‘Trik ‘See) 0x01 event will see 9 presentations that have been accepted by the SecKC judging panel.  These presenters will be showing off any information security tools they have created, research completed, projects, or other hacker TriKCery they have worked on, and that they think you will enjoy.  A great example of the types of projects you could see is the Chromecast RickRoll, released at BlackHat 2014. Each contestant will be given 15 minutes to wow the crowd with their presentation, and the most interesting/fun/creative ones will win big prizes.

All attendees (including presenters and spectators) ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A TICKET! Tickets are free.  Push the button to secure your seat!


Updated Date: November 12, 2014 6pm – 10pm
Location: Cinetopia at PrarieFire – 5655 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66224
Registration: Tickets are required (mobile tickets are okay) – Register here




5:30 Doors Open

6:00 Sponsor Intro

6:15 SecKC Intro (including judges & rules [presented by judges])

6:30 1st TriKCs

Where There’s Smoke There is a Backdoor by squirrelsnabrrl

Lights Out Guerrilla Radio by alexlauerman

GGGG (Good Guy Go Go) by hevnsnt

7:15 Break

7:30 2nd TriKCs

I’m going to show you how remote unlock codes work… by archwisp

Bringing new meaning to airpwn by SuRb0

Fishing2Phishing – You’re still chasing slimy creatures no matter the WiFi involved. by wacbass

8:15 Break

8:30 3rd TriKCs

Resetting into nostalgia mode.  by CoryKennedy

GreyBox PWN by MattyMcFatty

CMS Hacking Tricks by heinzarelli


10:00 End


Call for TriKCs (now closed)

Picture this: You have prepped for months, your code has been checked and re-checked, and although you know to never trust live demos, YOU. ARE. READY. Your palms are sweaty as you stand before fifty of your peers, ready to instantly judge your upcoming demonstration. You clear your throat and timidly exclaim: “hey look what I can do”

TriKC 2014 CFT – Closed September 15th, 2014

Now is your time to shine, you are given 15 minutes to wow the crowd with your best hacker trickery. You don’t need to drop an 0day, and it is completely cool using others’ tools, but the crowd will vote on (and reward) the finest displays of hackery, some come with something that puts on a good show. As with all good things, there has to be some rules.

The Four Rules of the game

  1. Destroy no data, maintain no persistence; above all else, do no harm.
  2. Do not attack any person, either physically, mentally or emotionally.
  3. MUST include a demo of your TriKC (live demos rule).
  4. TriKCs must be performed in person–no remote presentations Please Note: We’re an open organization with Law Enforcement Officers generally in attendance (who have cuffs and guns), and your packets are on the record. Please take that into consideration. =)

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