Building a Presentation Recording Rig

After seeing countless great presentations at SecKC, it was clear that a recording setup was needed to capture the wonderful content so it could be leveraged by others.  I wanted to quickly document what we are using to record, in case it is helpful for others trying to record and distribute knowledge. Here is the setup we are now using to record SecKC video presentations.

It is surprisingly difficult to build a good presentation setup, at least for someone who isn’t an AV expert and doesn’t have an unlimited budget. IronGeek has documented some information, which he has used to record various conference presentations, although various pieces are out of date or in cases it’s unclear what exact part is needed and how it is hooked up. I tried to duplicate his general setup as closely as possible.

Note that all of the recording (this does the merging of signals) is done using Open Broadcaster (OBS) 32-bit (64-bit has issues with GCHD). Minimal post-processing (trimming and compression) is done using Windows Movie Maker.

On the laptop, there is the Canon EOS Utility to display the camera feed so it can be captured by OBS. From there, it’s a matter of getting everything configured in the software the way you want it.

SecKC Presentation Recording Rig Diagram

SecKC Presentation Recording Rig Diagram


Parts list

A mid-grade laptop – I’m using an i3-4010U processor and I get 30FPS if I turn down the quality a bit.
Projector – Supplied by our event space

Video Camera – We use a Canon T3i

ElGato Game Capture HD (B&H)
Elgato Game Capture HD (Amazon)

Powered VGA Splitter (monoprice) – Don’t use a passive one unless you are okay with a dim output
Powered VGA Splitter (Amazon)

Sewell Direct SW-30008 Manta VGA to HDMI with 1080p Scaler (amazon)
– Use one with a scaler or else ElGato will reject your input signals

GTD Audio G-622H 200 Channel UHF Professional Wireless microphone Mic System (Amazon)

Wired Microphone used for backup (MusiciansFriend)

Podium Side-Mount Microphone Stand (MusiciansFriend) – Allows room for a laptop on podium

Yamaha MG102C 10-Input Stereo Mixer with Compression (MusiciansFriend)

USB, HDMI, VGA, RCA, 3.5mm converters and cables, XLR, and 1/4″ cables.

Total = $880 + projector & speakers

If you want to see the results from this setup, here is the YouTube channel for SecKC:  Note that at the time of this writing, the audio capture was just using the laptop microphone, and the quality will improve once it’s actually a wired setup.

Please let me know if this helps you or if you end up building one. I’d love to hear some feedback or ways to improve the setup.

SecKC Announcement!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a great time at July’s SecKC, I know I did. =) In case you missed it, well.. man you missed a lot!

  • We had a record attendance! It was standing room only starting at 6:00!
  • THC-Hydra and Mitmdump were introduced.
  • We had our SECOND ZERO DAY DROPPED by Depth Security, this time by Nate Kettlewell. Yes he dropped the metasploit module, and then mic dropped. =)
  • Mat Caughron from OWASP showed off the OWASP toolset and warned us about root certificates on our most precious asset, our mobile devices!

We also had some HUGE SECKC NEWS:

Thanks to our great Sponsors: Symantec, Defcon, and Fishnet security, TriKC will have amazing prizes. NOW IS THE TIME, SUBMIT YOUR TRICK NOW!. (it would also be super cool if you thanked our sponsors on twitter!)

    • Every person who is selected to demonstrate their trick will receive a Google Chromebook! EVERYONE WINS!
    • First Place: $1000 !!!!!!!!!
    • Second Place: $500 !!!!!!
    • Third Place: $250 !!!!!!

SecKC has stickers for sale! Help SecKC out by purchasing some. All funds will go to providing a better SecKC experience (like audio equipment, etc). The prices are:

  • 1 Sticker: $Free (but you have to come to SecKC to get it)
  • 5 Stickers: $5 shipped (Online ordering here)

SecKC founding members got SHIRTS! If you are a founding member and didn’t get your shirt. TOUGH LUCK PAL. =) Only kidding, you can get it next month.

And finally, we had some technical difficulties with the recording of July’s talks. We got great video, but lost all the audio. So, if you missed it, well, you missed it. We will try to make sure this doesn’t happen again! (but no promises)

One last thing, make sure to bring a laptop with you next month if you want to participate in my talk. I will also need a few ‘seasoned professionals’ to help out with any issues.

This one time at SecKC, I-Hacked my first box – @hevnsnt
Ok, so you have been around InfoSec for awhile, you walk the walk, and talk the talk. You have diligently listened to and understood *some* of the talks given at SecKC, and you are even wearing a black t-shirt RIGHT NOW… But you have a secret, a deep dark secret that you have never shared with anyone. As you look around the room, you are SURE that you are the only person in the room that has NEVER HACKED INTO A SYSTEM.

Tonight —- We change that.

For this talk, I will be bringing some vulnerable servers, and will be walking you through the discovery of the system (nmap), the identification of the vulnerability (nmap), and the HACKING OF THE SYSTEM (metasploit). When you leave this talk, you will officially be a 1337 hacker that can launch missiles by whistling into the phone. (almost anyways)

See you at August’s #SecKC (or defcon if you will be there)


Come watch hackers show off their most interesting and entertaining tricks at TriKC.

Updated Date: November 12, 2014 6pm – 10pm

Location: Cinetopia at PrarieFire – 5655 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66224

Registration: Tickets are required – Register over here –>.

Closed TriKC 2014 CFT

Picture this: You have prepped for months, your code has been checked and re-checked, and although you know to never trust live demos, YOU. ARE. READY. Your palms are sweaty as you stand before fifty of your peers, ready to instantly judge your upcoming demonstration. You clear your throat and timidly exclaim: “hey look what I can do”.

Now is your time to shine, you are given 15 minutes to wow the crowd with your best hacker trickery. You don’t need to drop an 0day, and it is completely cool using others’ tools, but the crowd will vote on (and reward) the finest displays of hackery, some come with something that puts on a good show.

As with all good things, there has to be some rules:

The Four Golden Rules of the game

1) Destroy no data, maintain no persistence; above all else, do no harm
2) Do not attack any person, either physically, mentally or emotionally
3) MUST include a demo of your TriKC (live demos rule)
4) TriKCs must be performed in person–no remote presentations
Please Note: We’re an open organization with Law Enforcement Officers generally in attendance (who have cuffs and guns), and your packets are on the record. Please take that into consideration. =)

05.14.14 @ 6:30pm | Location: Barleys Brewhaus 16649 Midland Drive Shawnee, KS 66217

Come for the tool talks, stay for the AMAZING PRESENTATIONS this month!!

You can still grab tickets here:

5min Tool Talk 1: Stealth Command Injection Leveraging nslookup – Tom Heffron
5min Tool Talk 2: The Tool (TBD) – JW
15min Flash Talk: Fun With AIDE – Adam Ossenford

<=45min Presentation 1: TheTalk – Steve Jensen (S3Jensen)
Analyzing and Reversing iOS Apps with iRET (The iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit).

SecKC April – Location Change / Time Change

As discussed at March’s SecKC Meeting, April’s SecKC meeting will be held at the Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge event as it seems like a lot of fun and is being held on the same date as our next SecKC meeting.

We are working on gaining “official” involvement, and regardless of that outcome a number of us have already signed up to participate and this WILL replace the normal meeting location in April.

Sign up here (

See more about it here (

Be sure your “Gaming Username” follows the following format:


Assuming you want to be on the SecKCiest team in the game. We want to see “SecKC” plastered all over the scoreboard.