June’s SecKC

June’s SecKC will be at Kanza Hall again!  We heard lots of positive feedback on Kanza, but if you have any feedback on Kanza, definitely let us know.

We are ironing out some food options to have food at Kanza (as opposed to next door) for those who are interested in that. Please join our google group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/seckc or Slack channel (seckc.slack.com) to discuss.

We have room for two more short talks (<15 min). Got an idea for a talk? Submit it @ https://seckc.org/talk/!

Tyshic Kyles – 15min – How to Crack WEP/WPA using Wifite

Leif Dreizler – 45 min – explores the inherent differences between the hacker and developer mentality. In this discussion, the audience will hear from a former breaker and fixer of security flaws on how developers who acknowledge the existence of ‘The Boogeyman’ come that much closer to being active participants in ensuring their company’s security, rather than passive victims.

Registration is not required, but evite registration for this month is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seckc-june-2015-tickets-17215965416?ref=ecount

The videos from May will be posted soon.

May’s SecKC at our NEW LOCATION!!!! (May 13th)

Important News: May 13th SecKC will be held at Kanza Hall (see for pics)

Killian Ditch  Lockpicking – Cracking a Physical Hash. A brief introduction to the basics of lockpicking via a rough analogy to cracking hashes.

Bill Swearingen (@hevnsnt) I dont trust 300 of my most trusted advisors. How SSL/TLS works and a quick introduction to 300 of your most trusted adviors. Hey CNNIC (The Chinese InterNIC) did you mean to create false Google Certificates?

Matty McFatty XXE: The XML Backdoor. Your XML parser is probably broken. This talk will outline an little-known attack vector targeting XML parser in web applications called XML External Entity (XXE) Processing. https://www.owasp.org/index.php/XML_External_Entity_%28XXE%29_Processing

Aaron Crawford: Topic TBA

Got an idea for a talk? Submit it  @ !