May’s SecKC at our NEW LOCATION!!!! (May 13th)

Important News: May 13th SecKC will be held at Kanza Hall (see for pics)

Killian Ditch  Lockpicking – Cracking a Physical Hash. A brief introduction to the basics of lockpicking via a rough analogy to cracking hashes.

Bill Swearingen (@hevnsnt) I dont trust 300 of my most trusted advisors. How SSL/TLS works and a quick introduction to 300 of your most trusted adviors. Hey CNNIC (The Chinese InterNIC) did you mean to create false Google Certificates?

Matty McFatty XXE: The XML Backdoor. Your XML parser is probably broken. This talk will outline an little-known attack vector targeting XML parser in web applications called XML External Entity (XXE) Processing.

Aaron Crawford: Topic TBA

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